How to Convert Pounds to Grams (lb to g)

How to Convert Pounds to Grams
Convert pounds to grams by multiplying any number in pounds by 453.592.

No matter what system of units you use, it’s useful knowing how to convert pounds to grams. The symbol for the pound is lb, while the symbol for the gram is g, so this is the lb to g conversion. Pounds are in use in the United States, its territories, and some Caribbean countries, while most of the rest of the world uses the metric unit of grams. You’ll use the pound to gram conversion in recipes and in the lab.

  • Convert pounds to grams by multiplying the number of pounds by 453.592.
  • Alternatively, divide the number of pounds by 0.0022.

Pounds to Grams Conversion Factor

The conversion factor between pounds and grams is:

1 pound = 453.592 grams or 1 lb = 453.592 g

Another way of doing the conversion uses this conversion factor:

1 gram = 0.0022 pounds

How to Convert Pounds to Grams

The easiest way to convert pounds to grams is simply multiplying the value in pounds by 453.592. This cancels out the pound unit, leaving grams.

? grams = ? pounds x 453.592 grams/pound

If you prefer, another method is dividing the number of pounds by 0.0022.

? grams = ? pounds รท 0.0022 pounds/gram

Once again, the pound unit cancels out. But, you need to remember units flip positions when you divide by them.

Example Pounds to Grams Conversion

For example, find how many grams are in 0.5 pounds of flour.

? grams = ? pounds x 453.592 grams/pound
grams of flour = 0.5 pounds x 453.592 grams/pound
grams of flour = 226.796 g or about 227 grams

For example, convert 20 lbs of water to g.

? grams = ? pounds x 453.592 grams/pound
g of water = 20 lb x 453.592 g/lb
g of water = 9071.84 g

Pounds to Grams Table

Instead of doing the unit conversion, look up the closest value from a table as an approximation.

0 lb0.00 g20 lb9071.85 g40 lb18143.69 g
1 lb453.59 g21 lb9525.44 g41 lb18597.29 g
2 lb907.18 g22 lb9979.03 g42 lb19050.88 g
3 lb1360.78 g23 lb10432.62 g43 lb19504.47 g
4 lb1814.37 g24 lb10886.22 g44 lb19958.06 g
5 lb2267.96 g25 lb11339.81 g45 lb20411.66 g
6 lb2721.55 g26 lb11793.40 g46 lb20865.25 g
7 lb3175.1527 lb12246.99 g47 lb21318.84
8 lb3628.74 g28 lb12700.59 g48 lb21772.43 g
9 lb4082.33 g29 lb13154.18 g49 lb22226.02 g
10 lb4535.92 g30 lb13607.77 g50 lb22679.62 g
11 lb4989.52 g31 lb14061.36 g51 lb23133.21 g
12 lb5443.11 g32 lb14514.95 g52 lb23586.80 g
13 lb5896.70 g33 lb14968.55 g53 lb24040.39 g
14 lb6350.29 g34 lb15422.14 g54 lb24493.99 g
15 lb6803.89 g35 lb15875.73 g55 lb24947.58 g
16 lb7257.48 g36 lb16329.32 g56 lb25401.17 g
17 lb7711.07 g37 lb16782.9257 lb25854.76 g
18 lb8164.66 g38 lb17236.51 g58 lb26308.36 g
19 lb8618.25 g39 lb17690.10 g59 lb26761.95 g

How Many Grams in a Pound?

There are actually two different types of pounds. The pound used in cooking and mass measurements is the avoirdupois pound. The other type of pound is the troy pound. The troy pound is a unit of gold weight.

  • 1 Avoirdupois pound = 453.59237 g
  • 1 Troy pound = 373.2417216 g


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