HTML Codes for Greek Letters

Greek letters spelling out Science!

Epistími! is Greek for Science!

Writing online about scientific or mathematical topics, you’ll notice you need to write a lot of Greek letters. You’ll also have trouble finding these letters on your keyboard. This table will help you with the HTML codes for Greek letters. The table contains both capital and lower case letters, a visual example, and the HTML code for each letter.

It should be noted not all online fonts support these codes. Most common fonts do support the extra characters, but some specialty fonts do not include these characters.  Check before you publish your document.

HTML Codes for Greek Letters

Some letters are identical to the alphabet you’re used to. For example, the capital alpha ( A ) could be coded with the code Α or & Alpha; but it is much easier to just use the Shift-A on your keyboard. The end result will be the same. These letters are included in the table.

Character Display HTML Code
capital alpha A Ƈ or Α
capital beta B Τ or Β
capital gamma Γ Γ or Γ
capital delta Δ Δ or Δ
capital epsilon E Ε or Ε
capital zeta Z Ζ or Ζ
capital eta H Η or Η
capital theta Θ Θ or Θ
capital iota I Ι or Ι
capital kappa K Κ or Κ
capital lambda Λ Λ or &Lamda;
capital mu M Μ or Μ
capital nu N Ν or Ν
capital xi Ξ Ξ or Ξ
capital omicron O Ο or Ο
capital pi Π Π or Π
capital rho P Ρ or Ρ
capital sigma Σ Σ or Σ
capital tau T Τ or Τ
capital upsilon Y Υ or Υ
capital phi Φ Φ or Φ
capital chi X Χ or Χ
capital psi Ψ Ψ or Ψ
capital omega Ω Ω or Ω
small alpha α α or α
small beta β β or β
small gamma γ γ or γ
small delta δ δ or δ
small epsilon ε ε or ε
small zeta ζ ζ or ζ
small eta η η or ζ
small theta θ θ or θ
small iota ι ι or ι
small kappa κ κ or κ
small lamda λ λ or λ
small mu μ μ or μ
small nu ν ν or ν
small xi ξ ξ or ξ
small omicron o ο or ο
small pi π π or π
small rho ρ ρ or ρ
small sigma σ σ or σ
small tau τ τ or τ
small upsilon υ υ or υ
small phi φ φ or φ
small chi χ χ or χ
small psi ψ ψ or ψ
small omega ω ω or ω

Other Ways to Write Greek Letters

If you’re writing using a computer, you can simply copy and paste a Greek letter from a character map or another document. For example, if you need a ψ, you could just highlight, copy, and paste from this table! Most modern editors support copy/pasting special characters.

HTML Code Resources

If you need an alternative method to type fractions in HTML, check out Writing Fractions in HTML.

This technique makes the usual method of #/# look a little better. Example: 2/6 looks like 26.

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