Large Print Periodic Table

No time for fine print. This large print periodic table will help you with your eye strain.

Color Large Print Periodic Table

Color Large Print Periodic Table

This color periodic table contains the usual element numbers, symbols, element names, and atomic masses, but has the added bonus of larger type. This periodic table includes all 118 elements known as of 2017.

The element names are as large as I could consistently make them. I chose to make the names a uniform font size with the exception of the really long ones (rutherfordium, darmstadtium, roentgenium, and praseodymium). The rest of the information is much easier to read than the usual printable periodic table.

To print, download the PDF and choose either “Fit” or “Shrink oversized pages” under Page Sizing and Handling in the print options. Remember to choose Landscape for your orientation to use more space on the paper.

Black and White Large Print Periodic Table

This is basically the same table, only monochromatic!

Large Print Periodic Table

Download this PDF if you don’t have access to a color printer, or just want to save your color inks or toners. Choose the same options as the color periodic table to print on a single sheet of paper.

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