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Periodic Table Metaloids - 2017

The metalloids or semimetals are a group of elements that contain properties of both metals and nonmetals. The highlighted elements are the metalloids.

Metalloids, also known as semimetals are elements containing properties similar and midway between metals and nonmetals. They are found to divide the periodic table between the metals on the left and the nonmetals on the right.

Metalloids often have the following properties:

  • could be dull or shiny
  • conducts heat and electricity, but not as well as metals
  • good semiconductors
  • usually malleable
  • usually ductile
  • can both gain and lose electrons in reactions

This is a list of the seven metalloid elements in order of increasing atomic number.

5 B Boron
14 Si Silicon
32 Ge Germanium
33 As Arsenic
51 Sb Antimony
52 Te Tellurium
84 Po Polonium

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