List of Names Made From Periodic Table Element Symbols

Names Made From Periodic Table Element Symbols
Here are some names written using periodic table element symbols.

Making names from periodic table element symbols is just like writing words using the periodic table. Write a name and then compare its letters with the list of element symbols. Some names work, while other do not. For example, my name (Anne) cannot be written using the periodic table because the letter “A” is not an accepted symbol, although N (nitrogen) and Ne (neon) are. The name “Eric” is ErIC (erbium, iodine, carbon).

Alphabetical List of Names Made From Periodic Table Element Symbols

The starting list comes from the top baby names for 2023, plus a few others I knew.

A Names

AlICe (aluminum iodine cerium)
AlINa (aluminum iodine sodium)
AlLiSON (aluminum lithium sulfur oxygen nitrogen)
AmIr (americium iridium)
AmY (americium yttrium)
ArI (argon iodine)
AsHEr (astatine hydrogen erbium)
AtHeNa (astatine helium sodium)
AtLaS (astatine lanthanum sulfur)
AuBReY (gold boron rhenium yttrium)
AuRoRa (gold rhodium radium)
AuSTiN (gold sulfur titanium nitrogen)

B Names

BeAu (beryllium gold)
BrOOK (bromine oxygen oxygen potassium)
BrOOKS (bromine oxygen oxygen potassium sulfur)
BrUNo (bromine uranium nobelium)

C Names

CAmILa (carbon americium iodine lanthanum)
CArOLiNe (carbon argon oxygen lithium neon)
CArSON (carbon arsenic sulfur oxygen nitrogen)
CLaIRe (carbon lanthanum iodine rhenium)
COOPEr (carbon oxygen oxygen phosphorus erbium)
CoLiN, COLiN (cobalt lithium nitrogen, carbon oxygen lithium nitrogen)
CORa, CoRa (carbon oxygen radium, cobalt radium)

D Names

DyLaN (dysprosium lanthanum nitrogen)

E names

ErIC (erbium iodine carbon)

F Names

FInN (fluorine indium nitrogen)
FIONa (fluorine iodine oxygen sodium)
FlYNN (flerovium yttrium nitrogen nitrogen)
FRaNCIS (fluorine radium nitrogen carbon iodine sulfur)

G Names

GeNe (germanium neon)
GeNeSiS (germanium neon silicon sulfur)

H Names

HArPEr (hydrogen argon phosphorus erbium)
HUDsON (hydrogen uranium dysprosium oxygen nitrogen)

I Names

IRa (iodine radon)
ISLa (iodine sulfur lanthanum)
IVY (iodine vanadium yttrium)

K Names

KYRa (potassium yttrium radium)

L Names

LaCHLaN (lanthanum carbon hydrogen lanthanum nitrogen)
LaRa (lanthanum radium)
LaURa (lanthanum uranium radium)
LaYLa (lanthanum yttrium lanthanum)
LiAm (lithium americium)
LiLi (lithium lithium)
LuCa (lutetium calcium)
LuCAs (lutetium carbon astatine)
LuCY (lutetium, carbon, yttrium)
LuNa (lutetium sodium)

M Names

Mo (molybdenum)
MoNiCa (molybdenum nickel calcium)

N Names

NiCHOLaS (nickel carbon hydrogen oxygen lanthanum sulfur)
NiCK (nickel carbon potassium)
NiCo (nickel cobalt)
NoLaN (nobelium lanthanum nitrogen)
NORa, NoRa (nitrogen oxygen radium, nobelium radon)

O Names

OLiVEr (oxygen lithium vanadium erbium)

P Names

PAm (phosphorus americium)
PArKEr (phosphorus argon potassium erbium)
PIPEr (phosphorus iodine phosphorus erbium)

R Names

RaNDy (radon nitrogen dysprosium)
RhYS (rhodium yttrium sulfur)
RuBY (ruthenium boron yttrium)

S Names

SAm (sulfur americium)
SeReNa (selenium rhenium sodium)
SiLaS (silicon lanthanum sulfur)
SiMoN (silicon molybdenum nitrogen)

T Names

TaRa (tantalum radium)
TiMoThY (titanium molybdenum thorium yttrium)

V Names

VIOLa (vanadium, iodine, oxygen, lanthanum)

W Name

WEs (tungsten einsteinium)
WReN (tungsten rhenium nitrogen)

Y Names

YVEs (yttrium vanadium einsteinium)

Z Names

ZiON (zinc oxygen nitrogen)

Examples of Names That Cannot Be Written With Element Symbols

These are a few examples of names that don’t work. If your name contains the letter “J” or “Q”, then you can’t write it with element symbols. Those are the two letters that do not occur in periodic table element symbols. Some names work if you use old element symbols or ones from a different language.


Spell Your Name With Element Symbols

For making posters or cards, construct names using element tiles. Here are traditional square element cells and here are round element symbol tiles. Just select the element symbols you like, right-click and save them, and then print them.

Add to the List

Do you know a name that is not on this list? Post a comment and I’ll add it!


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