Periodic Table Bingo Game

Periodic Table Bingo Game Card

Bingo is a simple and fun activity everyone loves. Learning the periodic table and the elements should be just as fun. This Periodic Table Bingo game hopes to help make learning the periodic table and elements fun.

This PDF contains a full classroom-sized bingo game consisting of 30 playing cards, a set of element tile calling chips and a periodic table call sheet. Each playing card has a nice portrait of Dmitry Mendeleev as a center Free Space and 24 random elements.

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How to Use and Play Periodic Table Bingo Game

  • Prepare the equipment by cutting out the calling pieces and playing cards.
  • Hand out one playing card along with some items to use as markers: colored paper, dried beans, small stones, etc.
  • Place the calling tiles into a container (hat, jar, basket) and shake/mix to randomize your calls.
  • Pull one tile from your container and announce the element you collected and mark the call sheet to keep track of the elements you call.
  • Players place a marker on their card if they have that element.
  • Repeat until a player has marked five elements in a row, column, or diagonal on their card and calls out Bingo. Check their card from the markers on your call sheet.

Printing Tips

The playing cards are designed to fit two to a single printed page. Occasionally, different printers have different default margins. Choosing “Fit to Page” in your print settings fixes this issue. This also allows for printing on A4 sized paper.