Periodic Table Flash Cards – Free Printable PDF Element Facts

Periodic Table Flash Cards
These free printable PDF periodic table flash cards have essential facts for all 118 elements.

Use these free printable PDF periodic table flash cards for learning element facts. Flash cards are a great way of associating names, symbols, and atomic numbers of the first 20 elements. But, you can go all the way to 118 (oganesson), if you like! The cards include each element’s name, symbol, atomic number, atomic mass, and element group. Groups are color coded, if you want to sort the cards.

Periodic Table Flash Cards Printing Information

For convenience, you get all element facts in a single PDF file. Each page contains six elements, which you cut to make 3″ x 4″ flash cards. So, if you print all 118 elements, it’s 20 pages. If you only want the first 20 elements, just print the first three pages.

Here is the PDF file for printing: [PDF Periodic Table Flash Cards]

Element Flash Cards Page 1
This is what the first page of periodic table flash cards looks like. Each page has facts for six elements.

How to Use Flash Cards

Usually, you use periodic table flash cards when learning element names and symbols. Mix up the cards and have another person give you one fact and ask you for the related fact. For example, the other person asks “Which element is atomic number 6?” and you reply “carbon”.

Flash cards work for studying on your own, too. There are a few ways of hiding information from yourself. The easiest method is covering facts with sticky notes. Or, lay out cards in a row and cover a section using a ruler or folded strip of paper.

Of course, you might simply decorate your space with flash cards. Build your own periodic table or use the element symbols are letter for writing words. The possibilities endless.

Terms of Use

Use the periodic tale flash cards for personal use, classrooms, and decorations. They are copyrighted, so don’t post them on your website, sell them, or use them on products for sale.