Periodic Table of Natural State of Elements

Have you ever needed a periodic table shows the natural state of elements at room temperature?

Periodic Table of the Natural State of Elements

This table breaks up the elements by their state of matter (solid, liquid, or gas) at room temperature. Since nearly all of the elements are solids, their most stable crystalline structure is included on the table.

There are a few other elements that are close to being liquids at room temperature. These elements being cesium, francium, gallium, and rubidium. For more information about what it takes to be a liquid element, check out Liquid Elements on the Periodic Table.

Printing this table is as easy as downloading the PDF. It is optimized to print on 8 1/2 x 11-inch paper but scales down nicely to A4 size with no loss of readability. Be sure to use the “Fit to Paper” option before hitting Print.

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