Periodic Table Trends Quiz

Color Periodic Table with Atomic Mass

This periodic table trends quiz tests how well you understand periodic table trends or periodicity of the properties of the elements. These are trends of atomic radius, ionization energy, electron affinity, and electronegativity.

It is a 10-question multiple choice chemistry quiz, with one correct answer per question. You may wish to refer to the periodic table to answer the questions. If you click the table, you can view it at full resolution.

(1) Which of the following elements has the lowest ionization energy?

  •  bismuth
  •  cesium
  •  nitrogen
  •  beryllium

(2) The electron affinity of a noble gas is:

  •  difficult to predict
  •  unusually high
  •  nearly zero

(3) An atom with a strong effective nuclear charge will have:

  •  electron affinity unaffected by its nucleus
  •  low electron affinity
  •  high electron affinity

(4) Based on periodic table trends, which of the following elements has the largest atomic radius?

  •  calcium
  •  potassium
  •  aluminum
  •  sulfur
  •  fluorine

(5) Which of the following elements has the smallest atomic radius?

  •  potassium
  •  iron
  •  bromine
  •  krypton

(6) As you move left to right across the periodic table, which of the following is generally true?

  •  Electronegativity decreases.
  •  Atomic radius decreases.
  •  Atomic radius increases.
  •  Ionization energy decreases.

(7) Which of the following elements has the greatest electron affinity?

  •  beryllium
  •  neon
  •  fluorine
  •  iridium

(8) Which of these elements has the highest electronegativity?

  •  arsenic
  •  nitrogen
  •  potassium
  •  lithium

(9) The first ionization energy is the energy required to remove an electron from a gaseous ion or atom. For this ion or atom, the second ionization energy is always:

  •  higher
  •  lower
  •  the same
  •  either lower or higher, depending on the element group

(10) As you move down a column of the periodic table (top to bottom), which of the following is generally true?

  •  Electron affinity increases.
  •  Electronegativity increases.
  •  Ionization energy increases.
  •  Atomic radius increases.

Periodic Table Trends Quiz Answer Key

  1. cesium
  2. nearly zero
  3. high electron affinity
  4. potassium
  5. krypton
  6. Atomic radius decreases.
  7. fluorine
  8. nitrogen
  9. higher
  10. Atomic radius increases.

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