Periodic Table With Everything

This color periodic table wallpaper has everything! (Except the names for 113, 115, 117, and 118, so there is a newer and updated version of this table.)

Periodic Table - The Works

Each cell contains the element’s atomic number, atomic mass, element symbol, name, electron shell populations by energy level, and electron configuration. The element symbols are color coded to reflect the element’s state at room temperature. Black codes for solid, blue for liquid, and white for gaseous.

Each cell is colored to reflect the element group of the element. The color legend appears along the bottom of the image.

The full-sized image is 1920×1080. This makes the image suitable for a widescreen wallpaper on any HD device. Click the image above to download the full sized image.

Printing this table is easier with the PDF of this table. Set your print options to ‘fit’ and ‘landscape’ to make it fit on a single page. If you prefer a poster sized print, choose the poster setting to print across several sheets of paper.

If this table is too bright for your desktop, try this version with a black background.

Periodic Table Wallpaper - The Works with Black Background

Download your favorite periodic table with everything today!

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