Periodni Sustav Kemijskih Elemenata – Croatian Periodic Table

When you find yourself needing a periodic table in Croatian, this Periodni Sustav Kemijskih Elemenata is the table for you.

Periodni Sustav Kemijskih Elemenata - Croatian Periodic Table

This color periodic table contains data for all the current 118 elements including atomic number, mass, melting and boiling points, electronegativity, density at room temperature, atomic and covalent radius, element symbol, electron configuration, and element name in Croatian.

The different colors show the element groups and the element symbols are coded to show if the element is a solid, liquid, or gas or an artificial element. The melting and boiling point data may include the name of the specific allotrope and it’s data if the element has multiple allotropes. Some gaseous elements don’t have melting point data at or around atmospheric pressure, so the pressure is included with the data.

If any data is unknown, a blank row of dots is provided to fill in once the data is learned and accepted.

This table contains a lot of information for each element and needs a lot of space for all of it. The table is optimized to fit on size A3 paper and retain readability. For best results, download and use the PDF version of this table.

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I would like to thank Leo Bradić for his help with the translations, corrections, and even the original idea for the Periodni Sustav Kemijskih Elemenata. This table would not have been made without him.