Polyatomic Ions List 1

Polyatomic ions are ions that contain more than one element. This polyatomic ions list contains many common polyatomic ions grouped by charge. Each entry contains the ion’s name, molecular formula and chemical structure.

+1 Polyatomic Ions

 Ion  Formula Structure
Ammonium NH4+ Ammonium Cation Structure
Hydronium H3O+ Hydronium Ion

-1 Polyatomic Ions

 Ion  Formula Structure
Acetate C2H3O2 Acetate Anion
Bicarbonate HCO3 bicarbonate anion structure
Bisulfate HSO4 Bisulfate Anion Structure
Chlorate CO3 Chlorate Anion Structure
Chlorite ClO2 Chlorite Anion Structure
Cyanate OCN Cyanate Anion
Cyanide CN Cyanide Anion Structure
Dihydrogen phosphate H2PO4 Dihydrogen Phosphate Anion
Dihydrogen phosphite H2PO3 Dihydrogen Phosphite Anion
Hydroxide OH Hydroxide Anion
Nitrate NO3 Nitrate Anion
Nitrite NO2 Nitrite Anion
Perchlorate ClO4 Perchlorate Anion
Permanganate MnO4 Permanganate Anion
Thiocyanate SCN Thiocyanate Anion

-2 Polyatomic Ions

 Ion  Formula Structure
Carbonate CO32- Carbonate Anion
Chromate CrO42- Chromate Anion
Dichromate Cr2O72- Dichromate Anion
Hydrogen phosphate HPO42- Hydrogen Phosphate Anion
Peroxide O22- Peroxide Anion
Silicate SiO32- Silicate Anion
Sulfate SO42- Sulfate Anion
Sulfite SO32- Sulfite Anion
Thiosulfate S2O32- Thiosulfate Anion

-3 Polyatomic Ions

 Ion  Formula Structure
Phosphate PO43- Phosphate Anion
Phosphite PO33- Phosphite Anion

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