Reasons to Date a Chemist 1

Reasons to Date a Chemist
There are many reasons to date a chemist. They are conscientious, interesting, and fun.

There are lots of reasons to date a chemist. These reasons range from the funny ones you’d find on t-shirts to serious reasons that make chemists and other scientists worthy relationship material.

10 Funny Reasons to Date a Chemist

  1. They have the best pick-up lines. Are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you’re CuTe. Forget hydrogen, because you’re my number one element.
  2. Chemists have all the right elements.
  3. Chemists do it on the table, periodically.
  4. They have significant figures.
  5. Chemists give and take until they find equilibrium.
  6. Chemists always wear protection.
  7. A chemist knows how to use gizmos and gadgets to get the job done.
  8. They know how to handle hot items.
  9. They are used to pulling all-nighters.
  10. Lab coats and goggles are hot.

10 Genuine Reasons to Date a Chemist

All kidding aside, chemists make great dates. Further, they have potential to become significant others.

  1. Chemists are conscientious. If you date a chemist, they’ll be on time and pay attention to your likes and dislikes. Most chemists keep regular business hours, so you won’t have to worry about them running late. They don’t take their work home with them (or at least, not their experiments).
  2. Chemists are smart. They have meaningful conversations and know how to fix things.
  3. They are interesting. Chemists and other scientists are naturally inquisitive. If you date a chemist, you’ll always be learning new things.
  4. They’re good team players. Chemists work with others in a lab, so they know how to get along. They’re good at explaining complex concepts without being condescending.
  5. Chemists are fantastic cooks. Following a recipe is second-nature. Many make wine and brew beer. While chemists know how to make drugs, they generally don’t.
  6. They are entertaining. Chemists know all kinds of cool science tricks, so they are great at parties and holiday celebrations. Their sense of wonder helps them relate to kids.
  7. They pay attention to personal hygiene and protection.
  8. Chemists are masters of patience and practice. So, if you date a chemist, expect to see these skills in action where relationships are concerned.
  9. Chemists are analytical. Basically, they aren’t shallow. So, if a chemist asks you out or accepts an invitation for a date it’s because they genuinely like you.
  10. They are adventurous, but only up to a point. A chemist is a natural explorer, but one who recognizes danger and risk. Similarly, a chemist knows the toxicity of every single food, drink, or household product, but doesn’t doesn’t go overboard avoiding minor vices.

Potentially Negative Characteristics

Every pro has a potential con attached to it, right? Here are some chemist characteristics that might not be so positive.

  • The have lots of books. In the modern era, chemists look up a lot of stuff online, but there’s an excellent chance a chemist has a CRC or Merck lying around. On the one hand, these books make excellent doorstops and paper weights when not in use. They are fantastic if you’re into pressing flowers. However, if you ever help a chemist move, you don’t want to be the one who lugs those tomes around.
  • There could be weird smells. Chemists leave their lab coats at work, but some odors stick to hair and skin and seem impervious to soap and water. Further, some compounds deaden a person’s sense of smell. It’s mostly organic chemicals that cause problems, so the stink-factor depends on a chemist’s specialty.
  • They aren’t big risk-takers. This is almost always a positive trait, since it keeps a chemist safe at work. If you’re into risk and spontaneity, you might have to initiate things.
  • They aren’t super-rich. Science isn’t the most lucrative career, although there are exceptions. However, most chemists do manage money well.
  • Their knowledge of toxic chemicals may freak you out. A chemist can pronounce every ingredient listed on a bottle of shampoo, tell you what each does, and explain how much is toxic. In fact, a chemist can even explain how water can be dangerous. If you have hypochondriac tendencies, this might be a problem.

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