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Atoms are often considered to be the building blocks of matter because they are the smallest units of chemical elements. These 10 atom facts cover basic information about atoms and some fun facts as well. The word atom comes from the Greek word atomos, which means “undivided” or “uncut.” The […]

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This is a math dictionary of common terms used in arithmetic, geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and statistics. It covers math concepts for kids in grade school through high school. Abacus: An early counting tool using sliding beads on wire or string used for basic arithmetic. Abscissa: x-coordinate in a Cartesian coordinate system or […]

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The reaction between sugar and sulfuric acid is one of the simplest chemistry demonstrations and also one of the most spectacular. The chemical reaction causes the dehydration of sugar. This results in a growing, steaming black column of carbon that smells like a combination of caramel and rotten eggs. The […]

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The elephant toothpaste chemistry demonstration produces a steaming tube of foam that erupts like an elephant squeezing a giant tube of toothpaste. The classic demo isn’t appropriate for kids because it uses 30% hydrogen peroxide, but there is a safe, easy version, too. The kid-friendly elephant toothpaste demo uses ordinary […]

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Several years ago, if you played a game of ping pong or table tennis, there was a real chance the ball could explode when hit or burst into flame from friction as it struck the table. Do you know why ping pong balls burn? Contrary to a popular myth, they […]

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Lightning Strike
The phrase “lightning never strikes the same place twice” means when something really bad (or really good) happens, it won’t happen again. Of course, that isn’t always true. It’s also a myth that lightning never strikes the same place twice. In the short term, lightning is more likely to follow […]

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