Scientific Method Coloring Sheet

Scientific Method Coloring Sheet
Print this scientific method coloring sheet as a fun way of learning the steps of the scientific method.

This scientific method coloring sheet is a fun way for kids (or adults) to learn the steps of the scientific method. It is available as either a PDF file or as a PNG image file. The coloring sheet fits a standard 8.5″x11″ sheet of printer paper. It is the first free coloring sheet I have posted. If you enjoy this type of content, leave a comment and let me know what topics you want to see as coloring pages.

Review the Steps of the Scientific Method

Science is a way of understanding the natural world based on the scientific method. In a nutshell, this approach focuses on asking questions and answering them by testing a hypothesis in an experiment.

  1. Make observations.
  2. Ask a question or identify a problem.
  3. State a hypothesis.
  4. Perform an experiment that tests the hypothesis.
  5. Analyze the data from the experiment and conclude whether you accept or reject the hypothesis.
  6. Report your results.

An experiment does not necessarily require fancy lab equipment or even a lab coat. But, it requires something called empirical data. What this means is that an experiment collects hard facts. Your interpretation of those facts either supports or refutes a hypothesis. A hypothesis is a prediction of your outcome of an experiment. Refuting a hypothesis isn’t a bad thing and it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with the experiment. The conclusions you draw and results you present often lead to formulating and testing a new hypothesis.

Scientific Method Coloring Sheet Terms of Use

Download and print the scientific method coloring sheet for personal use or classroom handouts. Just don’t sell it or post it elsewhere online. Let me know if you have requests for more coloring sheets or other types of worksheets!

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