SI Units Word Search Puzzle 1

This SI units word search puzzle contains vocabulary words dealing with base and derived SI units used in science. These terms can be found horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. Click the image for full-size or download the PDF and give it a try.

SI Units Word SearchIf you would like some help finding some of the terms, take a peek at the solution to the SI Unit word search puzzle. You can download the PDF of the completed puzzle. Enjoy!

Here is a rundown on the terms used.

Ampere – Base unit of electrical current
Symbol: A

Becquerel – Derived unit of radioactive activity
Symbol: Bq
Base units: sec-1

Candela – Base unit of luminous intensity
Symbol: cd

Coulomb – Derived unit of electric charge
Symbol: C
Base Units: A·s

Farad – Derived unit of electrical capacitance
Symbol: F
Base Units: m-2·kg-1·s4·A2

Henry – Derived unit of magnetic inductance.
Symbol: H
Base Units: m2·kg·s-2·A-2

Hertz – Derived unit of frequency
Symbol: Hz
Base Units: s-1

Joule – Derived unit of energy
Symbol: J
Base units: m2·kg·s-2

Kelvin – Base unit of temperature
Symbol: K

Kilogram – Base unit of mass
Symbol: kg

Lux – Derived unit of illuminance
Symbol: lx
Base units: m-2·cd

Meter – Base unit of length
Symbol: m

Mole – Base unit of quantity
Symbol: mol

Newton – Derived unit of force
Symbol: N
Base units: m·kg·s-2

Ohm – Derived unit of electrical resistance
Symbol: Ω
Base units: m2·kg·s-3·A-2

Pascal – Derived unit of pressure
Symbol – Pa
Base units: m-1·kg·s-2

Second – Base unit of time
Symbol – s

Tesla – Derived unit of magnetic flux density
Symbol: T
Base units: kg·s-2·A-1

Volt – Derived unit of electrical potential difference
Symbol: V
Base units: m2·kg·s-3·A-1

Watt – Derived unit of power
Symbol: W
Base units: m2·kg·s-3

Weber – Derived unit of magnetic flux
Symbol: Wb
Base units: m2·kg·s-2·A-1

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