Silver Alchemy Symbols 4

Silver was one of the seven base metals to an alchemist and often associated with the Moon. Silver was believed to have feminine qualities and associated with purity.

These are several different silver alchemy symbols that have appeared in alchemical texts.

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4 thoughts on “Silver Alchemy Symbols

    • Todd Helmenstine Post author

      Different alchemists had different symbols for the various elements. Many alchemists held their works in secret and would write down their notes in codes using different symbolism and languages. The symbols here are the more commonly known ones.

  • Zach

    I have seen some of these symbols in various books on alchemy and esoteric ism but some I don’t think I have, particularly the 5th symbol with the interlocking triangles. Do you know of any works that makes reference to that one or the source of where it came from?