Table of Common Physical Constants

Series of different colored lasers. No matter the color, the speed of light is a constant. The speed of light is just one constant in this table of common constants. Credit: Pang Ka-kit, Creative Commons

Here is a useful table of common physical constants. These physical constants appear time and again in chemistry and physics homework problems.

Why memorize them when you can just look them up?

I personally prefer to keep a sheet with these constants stuffed in the back of my textbook. You can download and print up your own list of important physical constants using the link below.

Physical Constants PDF Download

Table of Common Constants

Common Physical Constants

 Name SymbolValue
Speed of lightc299792458 m⋅s-1
Charge of an electrone1.602176565(35)×10−19 C
Universal gravitational constantG6.67384(80)×10-11 N⋅m2/kg2
Planck’s constanth6.626070040(81)×10−34 J⋅s
 h4.135667662(25)×10−15 eV⋅s
Dirac’s constantħ1.054571800(13)×10−34 J⋅s
 ħ6.582119514(40)×10−16 eV⋅s
Boltzmann’s constantk1.3806488(13)×10−23 J⋅K-1
  8.6173324(78)×10−5 eV⋅K-1
Avogadro’s constantNA6.022140857(74)×1023 mol−1
Faraday’s constantF96485.3365(21) C⋅mol−1
Ideal gas constantR8.3144621(75) J⋅K−1⋅mol−1
Mass of an electronme9.10938291(40)×10−31 kg
  0.510998928(11) MeV/c2
Mass of a protonmp1.672621777(74)×10−27 kg
  938.272046(21) MeV/c2
Mass of a neutronmn1.674927351(74)×10−27 kg
  939.565378(21) MeV/c2
Atomic mass unitu, amu or Da1.660538921(73)×10−27 kg
  931.494061(21) MeV/c2
Permittivity of free spaceε08.854187817×10−12 C2/N·m2
Coulomb’s constant1/4πε08.9875517973681764×109 N⋅m2⋅C-2
Permeability of free spaceμ04π×10−7 N⋅A-2
Rydberg constantR1.0973731568539(55)×10−7 m-1
Bohr radiusa05.2917721092(17)×10−11 m

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