Tableau Périodique des Éléments – French Periodic Table

Have you ever needed a French periodic table? This tableau périodique des éléments is just what you need.

Tableau périodique des éléments avec 118 éléments

This color periodic table contains all 118 element’s atomic numbers, symbols, names in French, and atomic masses. The colors show the different element groups.

It is optimized to print on a standard 812” x 11″ sheet of paper but scales down nicely on A4 paper. For best results, download the PDF version of the table and let your PDF viewer adjust the print scaling. Just remember to select the landscape printing for best fit.

If you don’t want a color version or don’t have access to a color printer, there is a black and white version for you.

Tableau périodique des éléments avec 118 éléments

This periodic table contains the same information without the element group color coding. Download the PDF and print your copy today!

Apprendre vos éléments français avec cette table périodique est amusant.