118 Element Periodic Table Poster with Hubble Stars and Nebula 1

This printable periodic table is poster-sized (60 inches across). It features all 118 element names (yes, you’ll find nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson on it), with the element symbols, atomic numbers, and atomic weights. It is, in fact, our popular 2016-2017 colorful periodic table, except the background is the incredible […]

Laptop skin with the periodic table poster featuring the Carina Nebula.

How To Watch the Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse 1

Are you ready for a rare astronomical event? This weekend, you can see a supermoon total lunar eclipse, which is the last eclipse of the “blood moon tetrad” of total lunar eclipses over the past year. Why Is the Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse Special? This particular eclipse is special because […]

Wondering whether you can see the September 2015 total lunar eclipse? This image shows the parts of the Earth visible to the Moon at its greatest eclipse. If you are in this picture, you can see totality! (SockPuppetForTomruen)