chemistry demonstration

If you have a separatory funnel available, try performing the Vanishing Valentine demo in that glassware, since it resembles a heart.  (Nick Ward)

Vanishing Valentine Chemistry Demonstration

Pink Color Change Chem Demo Here’s a fun chemistry demonstration that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or to illustrate an oxidation-reduction reaction. The Vanishing Valentine involves shaking a solution, causing it to turn pink. If the pink Valentine solution is left undisturbed, it will become colorless. The color change cycle can […]

Dancing Charcoal Chemistry Demonstration

Oxidation of Charcoal by Potassium Nitrate Drop a small piece of charcoal into a test tube of melted potassium nitrate and watch the charcoal dance as it burns. This is a fun and simple chemistry demonstration that illustrates decomposition and oxidation (combustion) chemical reactions. It’s a nice introduction to exothermic […]

The dancing charcoal chemistry demonstration is extremely exothermic, so your test tube might break. Use caution!. Neil Tackaberry, Flickr