Americium Facts – Element 95 or Am

Element Name: Americium Atomic Number: 95 Symbol: Am Atomic Weight: 243.0614 Electron Configuration: [Rn] 5f7 7s2 Atomic Number: 95 Element Classification: Radioactive Rare Earth Element (Actinide Series) Discovered By: G.T.Seaborg, R.A.James, L.O.Morgan, A.Ghiorso Discovery Date: 1945 (United States) Name Origin: named for the American continent, similar to the naming of […]

This is a disk of americium-241 viewed under a microscope. Bionerd, Creative Commons License

Pure Manganese Element (alchemist-hp)

Manganese Facts – Mn or Element Atomic Number 25

Manganese is a metal that is atomic number 25 on the periodic table with the element symbol Mn. Here’s a collection of interesting and useful manganese facts, including its history, properties, uses, and atomic data. Interesting Manganese Facts Manganese exists in native form (free in nature), but it’s more commonly […]

Density of Elements of the Periodic Table

Here is a table listing the density of elementsĀ of the periodic table. The values are for density around room temperature, except as noted. Elements are listed alphabetically. Keep in mind, density depends on temperature, pressure, and the allotrope (form) of the element, so true values may be a bit different. […]