Klingon Periodic Table Wallpaper
This isn’t just any periodic table, this is a Klingon Periodic Table! The element symbols used in this table are written in Klingon script. This table is optimized to fit on any widescreen monitor up to 4K resolutions (3840 × 2160). Download the wallpaper directly, or click the image above. […]

Klingon Periodic Table

Biology Word Search
Biology Word Search is a word search puzzle using glossary terms associated with middle school biology courses. These biology topics include words dealing with living systems, genetics, the cell, and the environment. The words can be found running left/right, up/down and diagonally within the array of letters. Word searches can […]

Biology Word Search – Science Word Searches

Chemistry up your Christmas celebration with this periodic table Christmas tree. This Christmas tree contains all 118 elements of the periodic table including the proposed names of elements 113, 115, 117, and 118. Each tile contains the element’s number, symbol, and name. Wear Your Own Chemis-tree (or enjoy a coffee) […]

Periodic Table Christmas Tree

Cat Table T-shirt
The IUPAC has announced the names of three new elements to the periodic table. You can get a regular color periodic table with these new elements added, but how about a periodic table with cats? Periodic Table With Cats – 2016 Edition I’ve updated my popular cat periodic table to […]

Periodic Table With Cats – 2016 Edition