Silicon Facts

Silicon is the 14th element of the periodic table. These silicon facts contain chemical and physical data along with general information and history. Basic Silicon Facts Name: Silicon Atomic Number: 14 Element Symbol: Si Group: 14 Period: 3 Block: p Element Family: Metalloid or Semi-metal Atomic Mass: [28.084; 28.086] IUPAC guidelines to reflect the physical and chemical history of the magnesium […]

Avogadro Project Silicon Sphere

Periodic Table Nonmetals - 2017

List of Nonmetals 11

The nonmetal elements occupy the upper right-hand corner of the periodic table. These elements have similar chemical properties that differ from the elements considered metals. The nonmetal element group is a subset of these elements. The nonmetal element group consists of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, phosphorus, sulfur and selenium. Hydrogen […]

List of Metalloids or Semimetals 3   Recently updated !

Metalloids, also known as semimetals are elements containing properties similar and midway between metals and nonmetals. They are found to divide the periodic table between the metals on the left and the nonmetals on the right. Metalloids often have the following properties: could be dull or shiny conducts heat and […]

Periodic Table Metaloids - 2017

Periodic Table-Metals 2017

Metals, Metalloids and Nonmetals 5

The elements of the periodic table can be broken into three different groups: Metals, Metalloids, and Nonmetals. This periodic table shows the three different groups of elements. The metalloid group separates the metals from the nonmetals. Elements to the left are metals and nonmetals are to the right. The exception is […]