Space Periodic Table Poster – 2017 Periodic Tables with 118 Elements

The space periodic table poster is our latest favorite type of table to make. Basically, we take one of our best tables and place it on a space background. Some of the images are public domain photographs taken by the Hubble telescope. Others are generated using Photoshop. Most of these […]

Space Periodic Table

Laptop skin with the periodic table poster featuring the Carina Nebula.

118 Element Periodic Table Poster with Hubble Stars and Nebula 1

This printable periodic table is poster-sized (60 inches across). It features all 118 element names (yes, you’ll find nihonium, moscovium, tennessine, and oganesson on it), with the element symbols, atomic numbers, and atomic weights. It is, in fact, our popular 2016-2017 colorful periodic table, except the background is the incredible […]