Unit Conversion Quiz With Answers

Unit Conversion Quiz
Practice metric and English unit conversions with this quiz.

Take a unit conversion quiz and practice converting between metric units and doing English-to-metric conversions. The answers to the questions are below the quiz.

Unit Conversion Quiz Questions

(1) Convert the following measurements into m.
a. 280 cm
b. 56100 mm
c. 3.7 km

(2) Convert the following measurements into mL.
a. 0.75 liters
b. 3.2 x 104 μL
c. 0.5 m3

(3) Which is greater: 45 kg or 4500 g?

(4) Which is greater: 45 miles or 63 km?

(5) How many cubic feet are there in a room measuring 5m x 10m x 2m?

(6) What is the volume of a 12 oz. can of soda in mL?

(7) What is the mass of a 120-lb person in grams?

(8) What is the height in meters of a 5’3″ person?

(9) Six gallons of gasoline costs $21.00. How much does one liter of gas cost?

(10) A man makes a 27.0 km trip in 16 minutes.

a. How far was the trip in miles?
b. If the speed limit was 55 miles per hour, was the driver speeding?

Unit Conversion Quiz Answers

1. a. 2.8 m   b. 56.1 m   c. 3700 m
2. a. 750 mL   b. 32 mL   c. 5 x 105 mL
3. 45 kg
4. 45 miles (72.4 km)
5. 3531.47 ft3
6. 354.9 mL
7. 54431 grams
8. 1.60 m
9. 92 cents or $0.92
10. a. 16.8 miles  b. Yes (63 mph)

Review Unit Conversions

If you had trouble with this quiz, review how to do different types of unit conversions.