What Are Some Examples of Chemistry in Daily Life?

Examples of chemistry in daily life include cooking food, digesting it, using soap to clean your skin, and burning gas to run your car. (Raymond Bryson)

Examples of chemistry in daily life include cooking food, digesting it, using soap to clean your skin, and burning gas to run your car. (Raymond Bryson)

You encounter chemistry every day, yet might have trouble recognizing it, especially if you are asked as part of an assignment! What are some examples of chemistry in daily life?

Examples of Chemistry in the Real World

There are many examples of chemistry in daily life, showing how prevalent and important it is.

  • Digestion relies on chemical reactions between food and acids and enzymes to break down molecules into nutrients the body can absorb and use.
  • Soaps and detergents act as emulsifiers to surround dirt and grime so it can be washed away from clothing, dishes, and our bodies.
  • Drugs work because of chemistry. The chemical compounds may fit into the binding site for natural chemicals in our body (e.g., block pain receptors) or may attack chemicals found in pathogens, but not human cells (e.g., antibiotics).
  • Cooking is a chemical change that alters food to make it more palatable, kill dangerous microorganisms, and make it more digestible. The heat of cooking may denature proteins, promote chemical reactions between ingredients, carmelize sugars, etc.

Reader Submissions: Chemistry in Everyday Life

medicinal effect

Medicines are the best example of chemistry which save us from diseases and make us able to live. They contain the chemical compound.

All is chemistry

Everything is the product of chemistry. In morning we use toothpaste which is chemistry product. And at night when we go to bed we burn a coil which also works as chemical to keep mosquito far from us.


medicine, engineering, agriculture and all other fields are dependent on chemistry. so yes, it is important to know it
—future nurse

Drug – Food Interactions

You can apply chemistry in your daily life to make sure any drugs you use aren’t compromised or overly strengthened by the foods you eat. For example, many drugs are affected by alcohol. Some medications are negated by eating something as seemingly harmless as grapefruit! Others contain caffeine as an active ingredient, so if you take the medicine with coffee or cola, you’re increasing your dosage.

CHEMISTRY is a powerful subject

“chemistry makes many thing” I say, not a chemistry in world but condition of the world? I can’t dream it !!!!! chemistry is a mind blowing creativity & imagination subject chemistry is a god’s gift.
—aravind scorpio

chemistry in clothing

colours to the cloths which are we are wear is due to azo dye (organic compound)
—RG veena


Chemistry is useful in our daily lives.. So, guys without chemistry….? Oh.. Don’t think that.. Chemistry will always with us..

Chem. in B.Tech

all u know B.tech (except Chemical Engg.) looks sound without chemistry.But it is a fact that for all type substances used in branches like ELE,ENTC,CV,MECH,CSE or IT can”t be imagined without the knowledge of CHEM.e.g.Chips in COMPUTERS is made up of Carbon &Silicon. Electricity is due to the gift Chem. in form of ELECTRON.
—P Katual


Our food is not tasty without salt. Salt is the essential one for us. That salt is also a chemical compound only. Sodium Chloride has an international standard that is created by ASTM International. The standard is named ASTM E534-13 and it is the standard test methods for chemical analysis of sodium chloride. These methods listed provide procedures for analyzing sodium chloride to determine if it is suitable for its intended use and application.
—Tarun Omer

chemistry is life

Think living without WATER or AIR or SUN or YOUR FAV SNACK! YES we are NOTHING without CHEMISTRY!!!


chemistry is the branch of science which deals with matter and its properties or compositions ….

chemistry for washing

Chemicals make our clothes clean. Not only clothes but we also use chemicals to wash utensils.

tree attraction

we see every day on road sides different kinds tree exist. And their upper parts(leafs and thin woods) are attracted to each other from both sides of road , which is actually hydrogen bonding . We know water has hydrogen bonding so trees and their leafs have water. That is why their upper parts are attracted. Good luck
—junaid bangash


Cosmetics is how the best chemicals can make you look attractive,

chemistry in construction

The cement and other materials that we use in construction of houses (paints, plaster) are products of chemistry.
—Hamna Riaz

Chemistry in cooking

It is very interesting to know that chemistry is used in cooking manner. For example in our lunch ,our main food is rice which is obtained by the indirect use of chemicals. Likewise, spoon by which we make curry is also made up of chemicals. Various vegetables are also obtained by the large use of chemicals. Oils are also the combinations of chemicals. So in totality, chemistry has a vital role.
—Satya ranjan jena.

examples of chemistry

Fertilizers are one of the best examples of chemistry.