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Fix a dried out Sharpie or other permanent marker by adding alcohol to the ink strip.
Permanent markers like Sharpies are great pens, but they quickly dry out if they are left uncapped or used a lot. You can recharge a dried out water-based marker by dipping the pen in water, but it won’t work with permanent ink. Fortunately, you can fix dried out markers using […]

How to Fix Dried Out Markers Like Sharpies

Examples of Polar and Nonpolar Molecules
Polar and nonpolar molecules are the two broad classes of molecules. Polarity describes the distribution of electrical charge around a molecule. Charge is evenly distributed in a nonpolar molecule, but unevenly distributed in a polar molecule. In other words, a polar molecule has regions of partial charge. Here are examples […]

Polar and Nonpolar Molecules

The independent variable is the factor the researcher controls, while the dependent variable is the one that is measured.
The independent and dependent variables are key to any scientific experiment, but how do you tell them apart? Here are the definitions of independent and dependent variables, examples of each type, and tips for telling them apart and graphing them. Independent Variable The independent variable is the factor the researcher […]

Independent and Dependent Variables Examples

Magic sand is waterproof sand that appears dry when removed from water.
Magic Sand is waterproof or hydrophobic sand that doesn’t get wet when poured into water. It’s sold as a children’s toy as Magic Sand, Space Sand, or Aqua Sand, but the product has been around for a long time. The 1915 book The Boy Mechanic Book 2 references the sand […]

Two Ways to Make Waterproof Magic Sand