Fire and Flames Projects

Do you want to play with fire? This is a collection of science projects involving fire, including how to color fire, fire magic tricks, and interesting chemistry demonstrations involving fire and flames.

Instant Fire Chemical Reaction (deradrian) 1
Make instant fire using sugar, potassium chlorate, and sulfuric acid. No matches or flame is needed for this exciting chemistry demonstration! Instant Fire Materials You only need three chemicals for this reaction: potassium chlorate granulated table sugar – sucrose sulfuric acid Perform the Instant Fire Demonstration You can do this […]

Instant Fire Demonstration

Cat Pumpkin GIF 1
Looking for an over-the-top science-y Halloween jack o’ lantern? Here’s my favorite… a carved pumpkin that’s both covered in colored flames and shoots fire from every orifice. The colors work much like the analytical chemistry flame test in which heated ions release a characteristic spectrum of light. Materials Real Pumpkin […]

Rainbow Flames Halloween Jack o’ Lantern

Okay pyros, I know you’re out there… I’ve got a project right up your alley (and mine). Obtain or make a sparkler and use it to draw pictures on paper. Are you a little unclear about what I mean? It’s an art form called pyrographie (or pyrography) and it involves […]

Pyrography – Draw Pictures With a Sparkler