Holiday Science

Get ideas for cool holiday science projects.

To light fireworks safely, know which ones shouldn't be held in your hand and be aware of flammable tree and buildings. (Nandhu Kumar)
Fireworks season is just around the corner (no matter what time of year it is). Here are some tips for lighting your fireworks without blowing yourself up or setting your self, yard, or neighbors on fire. You can Google “firework accidents” and see videos of all the things that can […]

How To Light Fireworks Safely

Glassware Chemistree
A chemistree is a festive and educational holiday decoration. There are several ways to make a chemistree, so no matter what materials you have, you can celebrate the season with chemistry! Chemistry Glassware Chemistree If you have access to a laboratory, a glassware chemistree is stunning. The basic idea is […]

5 Ways to Make a Chemistree Christmas Tree

Crystal Holiday Stocking
Grow crystals on a holiday stocking to make a glittering crystallized decoration or ornament. Crystal Holiday Stocking Materials You only need a few simple materials for this crystal project: colorfast holiday stocking borax hot water If you don’t have borax, other crystal salts will work, including table salt. The crystals […]

Make a Crystal Holiday Stocking

Watch a solution change from pink to clear and back again with the hot and cold demonstration. (Ty Nigh)
Pink Color Change Chem Demo Here’s a fun chemistry demonstration that’s perfect for Valentine’s Day or to illustrate an oxidation-reduction reaction. The Vanishing Valentine involves shaking a solution, causing it to turn pink. If the pink Valentine solution is left undisturbed, it will become colorless. The color change cycle can […]

Vanishing Valentine Chemistry Demonstration

Paper Atom Decoration on a Christmas Tree
Making paper snowflakes is a holiday tradition. Why not “science” up your holidays by making atom paper snowflakes? Making atom paper snowflakes requires only a single sheet of paper, scissors, and paper folding skills. Here are instructions for making the atoms and a template you can print, fold, and cut […]

Make Atom Paper Snowflakes

Pink Easter Rabbit Peep (Qfamily)
Happy Easter! Here’s a simple recipeĀ for Peepsā„¢ s’mores and a look at the science of why Peeps get so crazy big in the microwave. Peep S’mores Ingredients Graham crackers Peep marshmallow candies Chocolate kisses (or chocolate bar pieces) The recipe is easy and fun. Take a graham cracker, set a […]

Peep S’mores Easter Science Project