Qualitative data describes, while quantitative data is expressed using numbers. (dirkcuys)
There are two types of data. Qualitative data is descriptive information about characteristics that are difficult to define or measure or cannot be expressed numerically. Quantitative data is numerical information that can be measured or counted. Qualitative → Qualities Quantitative → Quantities Examples of Qualitative Data feelings and emotions texture […]

Qualitative and Quantitative Data – Definitions and Examples

Vodka is used for science experiments because it is a relatively inexpensive form of ethanol in water. (photo credit: Andrew Cheal)
I’m commonly asked why many chemistry ‘recipes’ call for vodka or Everclear as opposed to medical-grade ethanol (alcohol). The answer is simple: It’s easy and inexpensive to obtain vodka, while obtaining medical-grade ethanol, even if you have a permit, can be expensive. Aside from the regulations surrounding ethanol, it’s a […]

Why People Use Vodka for Science Experiments

Do you have any lab accident horror stories? (Clinton Steeds) 3
Do you have any tales to tell of lab experiments gone very wrong or lab accidents you have witnessed? What is the most dangerous thing you have ever seen someone do in a lab? Here’s your chance to tell the tale. A Freshman in Regents Chem I was cleaning the […]

True Lab Accident Horror Stories

Nitrile Glove
One of the most common materials used to make disposable gloves is nitrile. Nitrile compounds contain the CN- (cyano) functional group. Nitrile gloves are available in many colors, though the most common colors are purple and blue. There are a couple of interesting facts about these gloves: You either want […]

Interesting Facts About Nitrile Gloves