Law of Cosines Example
The law of sines is a useful rule showing a relationship between an angle of a triangle and the length of the side opposite of the angle. These two example problems show how to use this law to find angles and sides of a triangle.

Law of Sines Example Problem

Greek letters spelling out Science!
Writing online about scientific or mathematical topics, you’ll notice you need to write a lot of Greek letters. You’ll also have trouble finding these letters on your keyboard. This table will help you with the HTML codes for Greek letters. The table contains both capital and lower case letters, a […]

HTML Codes for Greek Letters

2D and 3D Shapes Word Search
Word search puzzles are a fun method to introduce glossary terms to students. This 2D and 3D shapes word search consists of 18 different shapes. These shapes can be found vertically, horizontally, and diagonally as well as forwards and backward. The word search is optimized to fit on a standard 8.5″ […]

2D and 3D Shapes Word Search Puzzle