Physics Example Problems

disk of ice
When a substance changes its state of matter, it takes a specific amount of energy to complete the change. When the phase change is between solid and liquid, the amount of energy per unit mass is called the heat of fusion. These heat of fusion example problems will show how […]

Heat of Fusion Example Problem

Molten Glass
Specific heat is the amount of heat per unit mass needed to increase the temperature of a material by one degree Celsius or Kelvin. These three specific heat example problems will show how to find the specific heat of a material or other information involving the specific heat. Specific Heat […]

Specific Heat Example Problem

Hooke's Law Forces
Hooke’s Law is a scientific law that says the restoring force required to compress or stretch a spring is proportional to the distance the spring is deformed. The formula form of Hooke’s Law is F = -k·Δx where F is the restoring force of the spring k is the proportionality […]

Hooke’s Law Example Problem