Clouds Word Search

Clouds are things of wonder. People look for familiar shapes or just wonder how they manage to float in the sky when they weigh so much? This Clouds Word Search hides 18 cloud-related vocabulary terms for you to find.

Clouds Word Search

Find the hidden cloud words by looking horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. They can also be found both forwards and backward, so look carefully!

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Sometimes the hidden words in word searches are particularly good at staying hidden. If you need a little hint or a lot of hints, check out the completed word search key for this puzzle.

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Clouds Word Search Vocabulary List

Altitude – The vertical distance from the ground to the cloud.
Altocumulus – small patched, clumped, or layered middle altitude clouds.
Altostratus – gray or blue-gray middle altitude layered clouds that cover most of the sky.
Atmosphere – the gaseous layer surrounding the Earth
Cirrocumulus – high altitude round puffball layered clouds
Cirrostratus – high altitude, thin sheet layered clouds
Cirrus – the type of cloud typically found at high altitudes often seen as thin, wispy layers
Cloud – a collection of water vapor and crystals suspended in the atmosphere
Convection – transportation of energy and/or moisture in the atmosphere
Cumulonimbus – large towering dense clouds with flat tops formed at the edge of a cold front.
Cumulus – A puffy type of cloud. They often have flat bases with rounded tops.
Meteorology – the science and study of the Earth’s atmosphere
Nimbostratus – the cloud most often associated with rain and snow. Typically an amorphous gray layered cloud thick enough to block the Sun.
Nimbus – rain cloud. Nimbus is Latin for rain.
Stratus – layered clouds. Stratus is Latin for layered.
Vapor – any substance which may be condensed into liquid form.
Water – the liquid form of the compound consisting of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen
Weather – a general term for the science of meteorology or a description of the current state of the atmosphere