Earth Day is #GlobalSelfie Day 1


Earth Day is April 22. Events are held around the world to educate about environmental
issues. NASA is hosting an event celebrating the milestone that 2014 will see the launch of five new Earth monitoring missions. This will bring the current total to seventeen active missions. Since Earth monitoring is basically taking pictures of ourselves from space, you could think of it as taking global selfies.

In this spirit, NASA is supporting an event this Earth Day called Earth Right Now. They would like to create a collection of photos of people of Earth holding one of their #GlobalSelfie signs. They will monitor the social media sites: Twitter, Instagram and Google+ at the hashtag #GlobalSelfie for your photo. You can also post your picture at the #GlobalSelfie pages on Facebook, Flickr and Google+.

You can download and print your #GlobalSelfie sign in a variety of languages (more being added every day) at the bottom of NASA’s Earth Right Now #GlobalSelfie webpage. This Earth Day, go out and enjoy the planet and submit a selfie for the project.