Element Crossword Puzzle

Crossword puzzles are a fun and engaging activity to introduce vocabulary and glossary terms to students. This element crossword puzzle uses element symbols of the first 18 elements of the periodic table. The goal is to enter the names of the names of these elements in the puzzle.

Element Symbol Crossword Puzzle

A PDF of this puzzle can be downloaded to make printing easier than saving the image.

The solution, if needed, is below or a PDF can be saved for future reference.

Element Symbol Crossword Puzzle Solution


3 Across: Sodium
5 Across: Carbon
7 Across: Nitrogen
8 Across: Boron
9 Across: Aluminum (apologies to my English friends)
14 Across: Beryllium
15 Across: Helium
16 Across: Fluorine
17 Across: Neon

1 Down: Silicon
2 Down: Argon
3 Down: Sulfur (again, apologies to my English friends)
4 Down: Hydrogen
6 Down: Phosphorus
10 Down: Lithium
11 Down: Magnesium
12 Down: Oxygen
13 Down: Chlorine

I hope you enjoy this puzzle. Feel free to download and use in your classrooms.