Extended Periodic Table

This version of the periodic table is an example of the extended periodic table.

Extended Periodic Table

The usual periodic table shows the lanthanides and actinides below the rest of the table and the two spots below scandium and yttrium are marked with placeholders. In the extended table, these two groups are placed to show where they would appear in periods 6 and 7. This format also plainly shows where the s, p, d, and f electron orbital blocks occur.

Each element square contains the element’s number, symbol, name, and atomic mass. The colors represent the different element groups.

The extended periodic table is obviously a lot wider than the usual periodic table. This image is 3000 pixels wide and 1500 pixels tall. As a wallpaper, if you choose to “stretch” the image, the individual element tiles will be taller, but the results are still readable on 4K and HD monitors.

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