NASA Hosts Events For This Week’s Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse from Moon
Total lunar eclipse as seen from the Moon’s point of view.
Credit: NASA Scientific Visualization Studio animation still

April 15th is nearly here and that means it’s almost time for the total lunar eclipse.

If you don’t want to go outside and feed the mosquitoes to watch the eclipse or if you (like me) might have clouds in the way, NASA has you covered. They will stream the eclipse online and on NASA television beginning at 2 AM EDT.

NASA is also hosting a pair of online events to answer any questions you may have about the eclipse. NASA scientist Renee Weber will be available to answer questions during a Reddit Ask Me Anything event beginning 1:45 PM EDT Monday. The other event is a marathon question and answer online chat hosted by NASA astronomer Mitzi Adams and astrophysicist Alphonse Sterling. Their chat session will begin at 1 PM EDT and continue until the eclipse ends at 5 AM EDT.

If you’ve ever wondered what a total lunar eclipse might look like from the Moon, NASA has a computer generated animation¬†of the event. It shows the view from the surface of the Moon as the Earth passes in front of the Sun. At totality, a red ring of sunsets (or sunrises) forms around the Earth.

Remember to set your alarm clocks!