Periodic Table Buttons for Element Symbol Magnets

013 - Aluminum Button
013 – Aluminum Periodic Table Button

Periodic table element tiles are fun to arrange into different words and sentences. Print out your favorite elements and spell out whatever you choose. Our other periodic table tiles are based on the typical square shape and are popular in their own way. This set of tiles are slightly different.

Each element’s tile is a colored disk stylized to give the effect of a shiny button.

Each button is 400×400 pixels in size (5 inches in diameter), making them large enough to be seen in a classroom setting. These same buttons were used to make the Periodic Table Circle Buttons Wallpaper . You can make your own version of this table with this complete set of buttons. With this in mind, and to save you a lot of individual downloads, I have included a download link to a ZIP archive of all the elements and the element group buttons.

Periodic Table Refrigerator Magnets

Another idea for these periodic table buttons is to make refrigerator magnets.

You’ll need:


  1. Download your favorite element button (or all of them at once).
  2. Scale down the images by 50%. This will make them almost exactly the 2½” size needed to use the paper punch.
  3. Punch out the button using the paper punch.
  4. Place the disk inside a blank button and replace the clear cover.
  5. Cut 1″ square pieces from the magnetic sheets.
  6. Peel off the backing to expose the sticky part of the magnet and stick it to the back of the button.
  7. Enjoy your new periodic table refrigerator magnet.