Periodic Table Without Names

You can’t quiz students (or yourself) about the element names that go with the symbols if it’s all listed right there on the periodic table, so here is the periodic table without names. Here’s a handy dandy list of element names (which you can download as a PDF), in case you need to make hand-outs or jog your memory about how to spell some of the words. Aren’t you glad there are symbols so you don’t always have to write out darmstadtium and praseodymium?

The element groups, atomic numbers, element symbols, and atomic weights are listed for you. This periodic table is available as either a color table, so you can identify the element groups, or as a black and white chart, so you can play with colored pencils, if that’s your thing.

Color Periodic Table Without Names

You can grab the image file for this table or download the PDF for the color chart.

Color Periodic Table Without Names
Use a periodic table without names to practice learning the meaning of the element symbols.

Black and White Periodic Table Without Names

Just like before, you’ve got your choice of the image file here or you can grab the PDF of the black and white table.

Black and White Periodic Table of the Elements With No Names
You can color in this black and white periodic table to practice learning the element groups.

Printing the Periodic Tables

Select Landscape and Fit To Print to completely fill the page. Each table resizes seamlessly, so if you’d rather just use the table on your screen, it will appear nice and clean.

Need a periodic table that has the names? We’ve got you covered!