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Crystal Garden (Anne Helmenstine)
The charcoal crystal garden is a classic crystal-growing project. You use charcoal briquettes, cardboard or a sponge, ammonia, salt, bluing, and food coloring to grow a crystal garden. The components of the garden are not edible, so adult supervision is recommended. Materials You only need a few materials for a […]

Grow a Charcoal Crystal Garden

These are different samples of pure zinc. The metal is shiny metallic silver-gray when freshly cut. (Alchemist-hp)
Have you ever wondered how scientists identify unknown substances? Unraveling the composition of an unknown is called qualitative analysis. The bead test is one of the techniques used by chemists to perform a qualitative analysis of a sample. It is similar to the flame test. What is the bead test? […]

Bead Test for Metals

White Bengal Tiger in Houston
White tigers result from a recessive mutation. The mutation has produced rare white wild tigers, but most white tigers result from intentional inbreeding of tigers that carry the gene. The Cincinnati Zoo estimates about 1 in 10,000 tigers naturally display the black and white coat and blue eyes characteristic of […]

Why White Tigers Are White

Test Tubes
Here’s an all-purpose biology definition: bi·ol·o·gy (noun) /bīˈäləjē/ Biology is (1) the scientific study of life and living organisms. (2) the flora and fauna of a region. Related Terms Chemistry Definition

Biology Definition

Many chemistry terms are very long, so abbreviations and acronyms are common.
Here’s a good general definition of chemistry: chem·is·try (noun) /ˈkemistrē/ Chemistry is (1) the scientific study of matter and energy and the interactions between them. (2) the composition and properties of a material.

Chemistry Definition