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Baby Wipe Tie Dye Art
Baby wipe tie dye is a quick and easy art and science project that’s safe for kids. While the product resembles 1970’s art, the pattern is pure science. Here’s what you do and an explanation of how it relates to scientific principles. Baby Wipe Tie Dye Materials All you need are […]

Baby Wipe Tie Dye Art (and Science)

Mesocyclops Mosquito (Dept of Foreign Affairs)
Here’s an e-mail I received with important information regarding natural mosquito repellents. My article on natural mosquito repellents includes a caution about the safety of natural products, but this letter does a great job of explaining the hazards: Dear Dr. Helmenstine, In your recent article on natural mosquito repellents, you listed several […]

Natural Mosquito Repellents Aren’t Automatically Safe

Rainbow Paper Heart
It’s super quick and easy to make rainbow paper! The rainbow effect results from light passing through a thin film, exactly like the beautiful interference patterns you see on bubbles. While bubbles pop, the rainbow stays on paper. You can do this project as a simple way to present thin […]

Rainbow Paper Thin Film Science Project