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Daffodils (Katherine McCormack)
Daffodils, jonquils, and other types of narcissus are the harbingers of spring, so you may be tempted to bring them indoors to brighten a room. Go ahead and put them in a vase! However, it’s not just an urban legend that daffodils poison other flowers. Take a look at the […]

Do Daffodils Poison Other Flowers?

Gilbert Newton Lewis
  March 23 marks the passing of Gilbert Newton Lewis. Lewis was an American chemist best known for his valence bond theory and dot structures.   Lewis spent much of his early career studying the thermodynamics of chemical systems. He made systematic measurements of the free energy of chemical reactions. […]

Today in Science History – March 23 – Gilbert Lewis

Robert Andrews Millikan
March 22 is Robert Millikan’s birthday. Millikan was an American physicist best known for his famous oil drop experiment. The purpose of this experiment was to measure the charge of an electron. Millikan and Harvey Fletcher sprayed charged drops of oil between two horizontal charged plates. Gravity pulls the oil […]

Today in Science History – March 22 – Robert Millikan