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When you lose weight, fat doesn’t magically vanish or convert into muscle or even energy. Your digestive system does not excrete it in feces. In a survey of 150 health professionals (dieticians, doctors, personal trainers), 98% didn’t understand fat metabolism. Only three people in the study knew where fat went! […]

Where Does Fat Go When You Lose Weight?

You can make a homemade cold pack by mixing safe chemicals in a plastic bag.
Sometimes you need to chill an injury or a product, but ice just isn’t available. Fortunately, it’s easy and economical to make a homemade cold pack. A cold pack contains compounds that undergo an endothermic chemical reaction when mixed. In other words, the reaction pulls thermal energy from the environment, […]

3 Ways to Make a Homemade Cold Pack

Marion and Ferdinand Brickwedde
March 26 is Ferdinand Brickwedde’s birthday. Brickwedde was an American physicist who co-discovered the hydrogen isotope, deuterium with Harold Urey and George Murphy. The team was attempting to definitively prove the existence of multiple isotopes of hydrogen. Hydrogen was considered the basic atom containing a proton and an electron and […]

Today in Science History – March 26 – Ferdinand Brickwedde ...