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How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
Knowing how to convert Celsius to Fahrenheit is useful when converting temperature measurements from different countries. Americans, people from U.S. territories, and some Caribbean countries report temperatures in Fahrenheit. Most of the world uses the Celsius scale. Fortunately, the temperature conversion is simple. Here is the formula with examples of […]

How to Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit

Real wasabi is green because of chlorophyll. Most "wasabi" is horseradish dyed with food coloring or spinach. (Jay Abrantes)
The spicy-hot green ball served with sushi is called wasabi, but unless you live in Japan, you’re almost certainly eating a substitute. This fake wasabi is made from horseradish, mustard, starch, and either green food coloring or spinach. You have to use the ingredient list rather than the product name […]

Why Is Wasabi Green?

Review important chemistry facts before you take the AP chemistry exam. (Stephan Stefancik)
Before you take the AP Chemistry Exam (Advanced Placement Chemistry Exam), it’s helpful to review facts you need to know for the test. These facts are also helpful if you are studying for any other high school or college cumulative chemistry test. About the AP Chemistry Exam You don’t have […]

AP Chemistry Exam – Facts to Know

This example problem illustrates the steps to convert from gallon to liter. This problem is a common homework conversion to help students move from one system of measurement to another. In this case, the liter is an SI unit of volume and the gallon appears in two different forms: the […]

Gallon to Liter Conversion Example Problem