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These calcium chloride crystals grew spontaneously in a container of DampRid.
Calcium chloride crystals are easy to grow. The clear crystals are thin, six-sided shards that sparkle brightly. Materials All you need is calcium chloride and water: Calcium chloride (CaCl2) Water (H2O) Calcium chloride is commonly used as road salt to remove ice, in moisture control products such as DampRid, and […]

Grow Calcium Chloride Crystals

Sea grapes are single cells of a species of algae. (Robert Ricker, NOAA)
The only way to view most unicellular organisms is with a microscope. The vast majority of cells are very small. However, the largest single-celled organisms are visible to the naked eye and big enough to hold in your hand. The algae Caulerpa is generally recognized as the largest unicellular organism. […]

What Is the Largest Unicellular Organism?