Acid Formulas Worksheet 1

Worksheets are a great way to practice new concepts. This Acid Formulas Worksheet contains the common names of ten different acids. You just have to supply the correct chemical formula for each acid.

This acid formulas worksheet is available as a PDF for download.Answer sheet for Acid Formulas WorksheetThe answer key is also available as a PDF download, or just save the image above.

For quick reference, the answers are as follows:

  1. Hydrofluoric – HF
  2. Nitric – HNO3
  3. Sulfuric – H2SO4
  4. Phosphoric – H3PO4
  5. Carbonic – H2CO3
  6. Acetic – HC2H3O2
  7. Oxalic – H2C2O4
  8. Boric – H3BO3
  9. Silicic – H2SiO3
  10. Chloric – HClO3


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  • keith

    Could you please send me specific formula on how to make different types of plastic such as beads for re-melting and forming other plastic projects…working with plastic amd it’s viscosity in the making (resin and shaping things), lathe turning, welding etc…the more the merrier. Thanks a million.