Analytical Chemistry

Sinapis alba or White Mustard Plant
The use of chemical weapons is prohibited by the Chemical Weapons Convention between 190 member countries. Unfortunately, the use of these weapons is still occasionally reported. To prove a chemical weapons strike, soil samples are tested for the suspected agents. However, nerve agents such as sarin, soman and VX fade from soil […]

Mustard Plants to Detect Chemical Weapon Use

These are different samples of pure zinc. The metal is shiny metallic silver-gray when freshly cut. (Alchemist-hp)
Have you ever wondered how scientists identify unknown substances? Unraveling the composition of an unknown is called qualitative analysis. The bead test is one of the techniques used by chemists to perform a qualitative analysis of a sample. It is similar to the flame test. What is the bead test? […]

Bead Test for Metals