Copper sulfate burns with more of a blue-green flame. (Anne Helmenstine)
Illuminating your Halloween jack o’ lantern with green fire is way more interesting than using a candle. Green fire just looks witchy! The effect is easy to achieve and yields fantastic results. Green Fire Jack o’ Lantern Materials You only need a few basic materials to put green fire in […]

Make a Green Fire Jack o’ Lantern

Use white face paint and black eyeliner to make a simple skeleton costume.
Many commercial face paints contain chemicals you don’t want, such as perfumes, parabens, heavy metals, or allergens. They are also expensive for what you get. Here is a simple recipe for a homemade white face paint you can make that uses natural, non-toxic ingredients. White Face Paint Materials You only […]

Easy White Face Paint Recipe

Shine a low pressure sodium lamp on a flame colored with table salt for a black flame pumpkin.
First, there was the green fire pumpkin. Then, I made a rainbow flames pumpkin. That was cool, but then there was the flamethrower jack o’ lantern. How could I top that? Well, this black flames Halloween jack o’ lantern is less likely to require a fire extinguisher, and actually way […]

Black Flames Halloween Jack o’ Lantern