Element Symbols Worksheet – Answers 1

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Here is an answer sheet to the Element Symbols Worksheet.

A PDF of this sheet can be downloaded here.

If you would rather just have the answers to the element symbols worksheet, here you go:

  1. Al Ge B Ra (algebra)
  2. Am U Se (amuse)
  3. B O N U S (bonus)
  4. Cl O C K (clock)
  5. Co N Ta In Er (container)
  6. Dy N Am I Te (dynamite)
  7. Fr Ac Ti O N (fraction)
  8. La Dy (lady)
  9. Mo Ne Y (money)
  10. Mo N Ta Na (Montana)
  11. Mo U Se (mouse)
  12. P H O Ne (phone)
  13. Ra C Co O N (raccoon)
  14. Ti C K Li S H (ticklish)
  15. W At C H (watch)

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